Welding & Fabrication

As a company with a long-term focus on quality welding services, Bourque Industrial has made an ongoing commitment to employing CWB Certified welders’ and Certified for Shop and field Construction and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Piping Systems, in accordance with ASME Sect, l, VIII, B31 Series and CSA B51, Repairs and Alterations in accordance with NB-23.

Experience & Knowledge

Our highly trained, experienced and skilled welders can perform a variety of specialized welding services.

Our Canadian Welding Bureau Certification (CWB), CSA W47.1 for Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel and CSA W47.2 for Aluminum allows us to bring the right process to the job, ensuring quality and efficiency. In addition, Bourque’s welders are set up to perform the welding in the field (mobile service) or our own shop.

We’ve built a team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists that have built a reputation for taking on tough projects.

Bourque Industrial consistently provides superior quality fabrication that meets various industry standards as well as the expectations of customers in industries such as oil & gas, processing, pulp and paper, transportation, power generation, petroleum refining, and mining. To facilitate expedited and on-time deliveries, we also provide a range of in-house secondary services such as finishing and drafting.

We can cover a wide range of welding requirements through the use of multiple processes and procedures on materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, and hastelloy.

We work with our clients, our welding Engineer’s and authorized authorities to develop weld procedures for any project.