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Bourque Industrial has a long history of providing superior customer service. We’ve streamlined our online customer service options to get you where you need to go quickly, and with the assistance you expect.

Direct Numbers

John Bourque
(506) 633-9650
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Rick MacMichael
: (506) 633-9663
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Martin LeBouthillier
(506) 633-9662
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Geoff Matthews
(506) 633-9638
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Phil Boyle
(506) 633-9660
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Mike Girouard
(506) 633-9639
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Sales and Marketing
John Bourque, President
(506) 633-9650
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Bill Ellis
(506) 633-9655
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QA & Safety Manager
Jeremy Beckett
(506) 633-9661
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Shipping and Receiving
Jeremy Watson
(506) 633-9625
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