Our Work

We are a full service custom metal fabrication company specializing in machining, metal forming, and welding.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Bourque Industrial is proud to display a list of customized fabrication works showing our top quality craftsmanship skills.

Our 23,000 sq ft indoor fabrication facility, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, houses our ever-growing list of specialized tools and equipment to handle all the custom fabrication needs to keep pace with a rapidly growing industry.

Self Extracting/Retracting Gangway

Saint John, New Brunswick

Our customer came to us with a desire to be able to get on and off their docked assets easily with the need to remove a gangway every night.

As we are very active in this sector we are well aware of the need for easy access each and every day.

As the conversation developed it became clear that the “wish list” was to be able to extend and retract the gangway onto its support base and be able to move that base away from dock side if required and also to be able to relocate the entire device if desired.

After a number of meetings with the team, we came up with a concept that met the requirements. Our pricing was accepted and fabrication commenced. Our customer had full access during the fabrication process to ensure they were getting what they wanted.

A few minor changes were incorporated along the way, and it was tested and accepted at the shop. We delivered it to the site, connected the gangway to the base structure ,and tested it on an actual asset. The extension and retraction worked as expected.

Feel free to contact us to get more information.

Tank Work

Regionally and Ontario

Our ability to fabricate and deliver large storage tanks has become very popular with our customers.

Whether it is local or away, we can fabricate the entire structure and deliver it to the customer as they need it on site.

Materials vary from Mild Steel to Stainless Steel and Duplex.

They meet all the code requirements and are fabricated in such a way that suits the particular site conditions.

Combinations of shop fabricated sections and shipped loose parts ensure a successful installation.

We would be happy to discuss your needs at any time.

API Tank Repair and Fabrication
Bow Fender

Bow Fender

Saint John, New Brunswick

We were awarded a fabrication project for a marine infrastructure project. This portion of the work presented the biggest challenge of all the work.

This bow fender tops out as just over 100,000 lbs. it was the first time we fabricated a single item that heavy.

As our shop cranes could not lift the entire unit, our project group broke it up into modules and the final assembly and testing was done outside.

The other interesting part was how to get it into place as the location made for a very challenging lift. In working with our customer the decision was made to get it dockside that was easier to access.

The unit was placed in the water (yes it floats) and towed across the harbour into position where it was fastened to the support structure.

It was only a matter of a few hours from the time it was set in the water to the time it was connected.